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Vanadium Gardeningtool
Enterprise:Chengde ShuShi houseware Company

Add:No.330 Xinxing street,PingQuan county,Chengde,Hebei

We can supply annual output of 3-5 million of vanadium Gardeningtool

Enterprise:Chengde Xiangyi Machinery Company

Add: Xuanying Town,Fengning County,Chengde City,Hebei Province

We can supply annual output of one million sets of jack.

All kinds of seeds
Enterprise:Chengde Great Wall Seed Co.,Ltd of China National Seed Group Corp.

Add:No.1 Changcheng street,Puning Road, Chengde,Hebei

We can supply all kinds of seeds.

Tetracycline Hydrochloide
Enterprise:North China Pharmac eutical Good Star Co.,Ltd

Add:High-Tech Development Zone ,Chengde, Hebei

We can supply annual output of 0.8 million kg of Tetracycline Hydrochloide.

Almond juice
Enterprise:Lolo Group Co.,Ltd

Add:No.6 south Cuiqiao Road ShuangQiao district Chengde,Hebei

We can supply annual output of 0.1 million tons of almond juice.

Fresh Mushrooms, Salted Huazi mushrooms, Salted Pine mushrooms
Enterprise:Pingquan Edible Fungus Company

Add:No.178 XinXing Street,Pingquan County, Chengde,Hebei
We can supply annual output of 500 tons of Fresh Mushrooms,500 tons Salted Huazi mushrooms and 200 tons of Salted Pine mushrooms. 
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